Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Wherever you go, no matter the weather…always bring your own sunshine.

Verona Italy Arena

Happy Monday Everyone.

This is by far one of my favorite photographs abroad of Benjamin . It’s raining. We had to buy rip off umbrellas from a “tourist trap” hut. And we are alone. The lone rangers abroad. He’s patiently waiting in the rain for me to take the perfect picture. Not realizing he was going to be the main subject of my picture while we are standing in front of the incredible Verona Arena.

We are extraordinarily happy on this particular Monday because there is only one more Monday for us left in Italy until we go home to America!!!



Happy Easter

Family Photography_0000

May God give you all the faith it takes,
To make your dreams come true.

May His love and wisdom always help,
To guide you on your way.

May His light shine down upon you now,
To bless your Easter Day.

Wishing you a happy Easter Sunday from Italy.

I also want to catch up and add a few family portraits that were never posted. We’ll start things out with the lovely Addington family and our Godson Keaton.

Family Photography_0002

Family Photography_0003

Family Photography_0001

The Small Family

Family Photography_0004

Family Photography_0005 Family Photography_0006

The Field Family

Family Photography_0013

Family Photography_0014

Family Photography_0007

The Richmonds (minus their kids)

Family Photography_0012

Family Photography_0011

And lastly some nephew love. Family is constantly on the brain during a holiday. My heart breaks a little every day without this homie. Photo credit to my brother.

Family Photography_0017

Family Photography_0018


Bryn Senior Portraits

 Baller with Style













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Italian Culture Faux Pas

Ciao Bella

Italian wine

First impressions and experiences…

Naturally I want to begin this milestone post with a similar image from a pervious post,  where I experienced a different first glimpse at a new home in Ankara, Turkey, last season. However remove the Turkish coffee and insert delicious red vino. Yes I am writing this from our hotel room with a coffee cup full of wine.

It has only been a week and I’ve already committed many embarrassing cultural faux pas in Italy…but what’s new? This is very typical for me in the beginning weeks of our annual, and sometimes semi-annual, deportation. I will highlight a few gold star examples.

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Va Va Voom!

Bryn Senior Portrait – Sneak Peek

Wishing my sweet sister-in-law a very special and happy 18th birthday!!!

Bryn Senior Portraits

Hope your day is epic. Love you!

Better late than never, right?

Wedding Video

It certainly doesn’t feel like we’ve been married almost 2 years.  However it’s taken that long to get our wedding video put together. Thank you Cyril for capturing these memories. It’s crazy how much I have already forgotten from our special day. Now we can relive it anytime. Bisous bisous!

Still wanting more? Check out more pictures from the best day ever.


The Ankara Castle

Ankara Kalesi

Ankara Castle View

We have lived in Ankara for eight months exactly today. It’s truly a great place to live. You’ve heard me say before how much we love it. We’ve established an amazing network of friends and feel involved in the community. Every season we get the opportunity to explore and adapt to an unexpected country. A new place to call home. A chance to take a piece of that new place and bring it every where we go.

However it’s inevitable around this time every season we get homesick. During nostalgic moments it’s nice to have pictures to reminisce with. Right now I’m thinking about the Ankara Castle, when both of our families were able to visit us in Turkey. The times when we can’t be home, it’s great to have the people from home come here.

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Birthday Behavior

Quarter Century Club

Thank you for all the Birthday wishes. The love I felt on March 31st was immeasurable. We spent the weekend in Istanbul with great friends. TED Koleji also had a basketball game against Efes. Here are some mixed Canon and iPhone pics from the 25th year of life weekend celebration.


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Basketball Number 10

Ben’s Basketball Passion

I haven’t blogged or talked much about basketball, or my husband for that matter. I want to dedicate a post to just that…on a particularly fitting day. Let me paint a brief picture that helps describe my husband and a passion. Here’s a quote from a favorite author, Harlan Coben in Long Lost:

I love gyms…I grew up in them. I spent many of my happiest moments in airless confines with a basketball in my hand. I love the sound of the dribbling. I love the sheen of sweat that starts popping up on faces during warm-ups. I love the feel of the pebbly leather on my fingertips; that moment of neoreligious purity when your eyes lock on the front rim and you release the ball and it back spins and there is nothing else in the entire world.

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