Photo of the Week: Where is Parma

Parma A.K.A Parmesan: Or Parmigiano-Reggiano –>in Italian

Today I ventured to Parma while Ben had his first regular season basketball game in Siena. With a name like Parma, it’s not mind blowing that Parmesan cheese is well-known in the city.

Baptistery of Parma


Above is a picture of the Baptistery of Parma. To be honest, I currnetly don’t know much about what that means. Basically it’s just another old building in Europe that looks really cool. I’ll learn more about it and give an update later.




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Italian Culture Faux Pas

Ciao Bella

Italian wine

First impressions and experiences…

Naturally I want to begin this milestone post with a similar image from a pervious post,  where I experienced a different first glimpse at a new home in Ankara, Turkey, last season. However remove the Turkish coffee and insert delicious red vino. Yes I am writing this from our hotel room with a coffee cup full of wine.

It has only been a week and I’ve already committed many embarrassing cultural faux pas in Italy…but what’s new? This is very typical for me in the beginning weeks of our annual, and sometimes semi-annual, deportation. I will highlight a few gold star examples.

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Va Va Voom!

Bryn Senior Portrait – Sneak Peek

Wishing my sweet sister-in-law a very special and happy 18th birthday!!!

Bryn Senior Portraits

Hope your day is epic. Love you!

Sweet Family of Three

Family Portraits

Family Photo

Luscious Green Grass

The sun shining. A slight breeze. It was a beautiful day. A perfect combination for a family portrait. Great memories for this family of three.

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