What do YOU do all day…

What do I do all day, you ask? Ask yourself that same question!

If I had a dollar for every time I heard that question, well…we wouldn’t need to play basketball overseas anymore.


Our adventures abroad have been the most exhilarating, challenging, gratifying, absurd, frustrating, yet magical, and clarifying moments of my life.  The world is a much smaller place than we think.  It has brought a NoDak girl to picturesque Adriatic mountains, shabby chic corners in the country side of France, a humbling 3rd world country (okay let’s give it a 2.5), and beyond.  No matter what country, ethnicity, religion, or culture we are thrown into, I have noticed generally people have at least a few things in common.  For starters: iPhones, men, good food, and love.  Yes love.  Sweet love.
That is what I am doing over here, loving.  I am loving.  I love my husband, love all our foreign mishaps, I love new perspectives, I love exploring, traveling, and learning, I love my morning cup of coffee, I love the Eiffel Tower, I love new foods, and more importantly I love new desserts.  That is what we are supposed to do, is love.  At least it’s what I do.  Of course there are sweat, blood, and tears, but that comes with everything we do in life.  Beyond that I have been living; learning new languages every year, practicing photography, exercising, experiencing education at foreign universities, supporting basketball, and sometimes teaching English.  I may not be following the path our society says is correct.  That’s fine, because I’m not perfect.  I try to be thankful for all the gifts in my life, because lord knows I probably don’t deserve them.

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