The J Family Lake Photoshoot

Johnson Lake Family Photos_0009

It’s been 10 years of marriage and 3 children later for The J Family. And what a beautiful sight that is! It was quite the fun evening at the lake with this group of 5.

Johnson Lake Family Photos_0008

Johnson Lake Family Photos_0004

Johnson Lake Family Photos_0006

Johnson Lake Family Photos_0005

Johnson Lake Family Photos_0007

Johnson Lake Family Photos_0012

Johnson Lake Family Photos_0011

Johnson Lake Family Photos_0010

Johnson Lake Family Photos_0003Even their shadows above are cute.



Traveling to Croatia

Land so beautiful, untouched, and natural.

Croatia, also known as Hrvatska in the native language, is a magical place.

WARNING: There are a lot of selfies below, but that’s what happens when you travel alone or with only one other person often. You will see a lot of old dance jumps. That’s also what happens when you get two veteran dancers together.

Family Photography_0028

Family Photography_0032

Family Photography_0030

Ruza Jumping!

Family Photography_0029

Croatia love

Family Photography_0038

Croatia Beach

Family Photography_0033

Family Photography_0042

Family Photography_0036

Family Photography_0037

Family Photography_0040

Croatia Islands

I absolutely love Croatia. However I love Ruza even more. Ruza is my Croatian friend who I met in Italy. She showed me the most amazing hospitality in her home town, Zadar.




Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Wherever you go, no matter the weather…always bring your own sunshine.

Verona Italy Arena

Happy Monday Everyone.

This is by far one of my favorite photographs abroad of Benjamin . It’s raining. We had to buy rip off umbrellas from a “tourist trap” hut. And we are alone. The lone rangers abroad. He’s patiently waiting in the rain for me to take the perfect picture. Not realizing he was going to be the main subject of my picture while we are standing in front of the incredible Verona Arena.

We are extraordinarily happy on this particular Monday because there is only one more Monday for us left in Italy until we go home to America!!!



Happy Easter

Family Photography_0000

May God give you all the faith it takes,
To make your dreams come true.

May His love and wisdom always help,
To guide you on your way.

May His light shine down upon you now,
To bless your Easter Day.

Wishing you a happy Easter Sunday from Italy.

I also want to catch up and add a few family portraits that were never posted. We’ll start things out with the lovely Addington family and our Godson Keaton.

Family Photography_0002

Family Photography_0003

Family Photography_0001

The Small Family

Family Photography_0004

Family Photography_0005 Family Photography_0006

The Field Family

Family Photography_0013

Family Photography_0014

Family Photography_0007

The Richmonds (minus their kids)

Family Photography_0012

Family Photography_0011

And lastly some nephew love. Family is constantly on the brain during a holiday. My heart breaks a little every day without this homie. Photo credit to my brother.

Family Photography_0017

Family Photography_0018


Make Your Own Photography Studio

Easy photography setup_0029

Behind the Scenes.

Making your own in-home studio.

Have you ever wondered how to create a studio looking photograph but didn’t have the studio part? You don’t need your own photography studio to create a classic studio look. You can even do this in a crammed basement, and here is the proof…

A large part of senior photography is shooting outdoors, but there is also an indoor demand. My clients want both. You can have your cake and eat it too with this scenario: use what you have. Set up a simple studio in your senior’s home. Keep your basics, such as natural lighting (if possible), and then add a couple of your own tools. Here is what I used for this basement situation:

-1 large white sheet

-1 backdrop stand

-2 softboxes

Easy photography setup_0030

Every lighting situation is different and should be treated differently. You need to look at your situation and figure out what setup is optimal for you. This basement example shows you how to create a studio where ever you are and how to make it work. Check out this lighting setup diagram:


  1. A ceiling light. By utilizing the current lighting in the basement I placed the ceiling light behind the subject to create a silhouette effect and this also helps reduce shadows.
  2. A window in the side wall, only source of natural light.
  3. A traditional softbox is added to the front of the subject.
  4. An additional softbox is added to the other side of subject’s front.

Adjust the lighting as needed and shoot away. Here are the results.

Easy photography setup_0032

Easy photography setup_0031

Easy photography setup_0034

Lastly, turn off one or both of the softboxes and experiment with more dramatic lighting.

Easy photography setup_0035

Easy photography setup_0033

It would be easy to transform this model into a setup for newborn, family, maternity, and many other photography sessions. The sky is the limit.



What to do in Amsterdam


Adventures in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Map

Amsterdam, Amsterdam, oh Amsterdam. What an experience.

When visiting Amsterdam it’s important to have realistic expectations. You should definitely stay in the Jordaan district. The weather is generally rainy. You need to rent a bike (in my opinion) to get around the town, and above all you must like beer and sausage to really enjoy yourself. Yes, of course the museums need to be noted. We did visit the Van Gogh museum and Anne Frank house, but our most enjoyable moments came from sitting in pubs, meeting locals, and walking around getting lost in the city.

Amsterdam Hotel














People often compare Venice with Amsterdam, which I think is unfair. The only thing they have in common are the water canals. Otherwise they should never be thought of as similar. I hope to return!



Venice Gondola Ride


Gondoliers run the show in Venice.

Venice View

Gondola drivers are the studs of Venice. They run the show. They hold the key to the city. Basically, to become a gondolier it has to run in your blood. Something like your father, your father’s father, and then his father too all better have been gondoliers.

Experiencing Venice, Venezia in Italian, was a dream come true. The island is disgustingly full of tourist, but let’s not taint the purpose of this post with my dislike for the amount of tourists during their “off-season”.

After two great trips to Venice I have noticed the impact gondoliers hold in the city. Let’s be real, Venice is a lagoon. It’s an island full of water canals instead of streets. You cannot drive on the island. Its narrow streets are a complete mind game full of mazes. The city needs their drivers or water transportation in general, and it is not uncommon for these drivers to go on strike. Yikes!

So this one’s for the gondola drivers and their suave ways.

Venice Ride

Grand Canal



Dimer in Venice

Gondola canals

photo 5

HDR Venice

Venetian Experience

A gondola ride may be expensive, but it is WORTH EVERY PENNY -just bring your own bottle of wine. They are adorable in their little stripped outfits, they will sing songs, and ours taught us a bit about Venetian history (which is kinda wicked).



K Family Photoshoot

Family picture outfits

Sweet Summer

Warm memories, literally, fill my mind when seeing this lovely family session. Sunny thoughts from this past summer warm the soul, especially during this chilly weekend.

5 year old pictures

Teenager photography

Family fun pictures

Adorable children

Kid pictures

Siblings picture

They make my heart happy :-)




A day trip to Sirmione, Italy.

Sirmione Sign

Sirmione, what a gem!

Have you ever heard of Sirmione, Italy? I certainly hadn’t. Rome, Venice, Milan, Naples, Sicily, and Florence are a few of the places that come to mind when thinking of Italy. Sirmione is a little peninsula town bounded by the clear waters of Lake Garda. I highly recommend this simply sweet stop in northern Italy. Especially if you prefer a road less traveled, like we do.

Sirmione Castle


Sirmione to dos






I am obsessed with this sunset…and the swans -well, feeding the swans. I wanted to picture them close up. Obviously, they would only stay near me when I fed them bread. Needless to say the swans will be sleeping with full bellies tonight.


Two creeps, signing out. Goodnight Sirmione. Good afternoon America.



Bryn Senior Portraits

 Baller with Style













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